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Urban Kitchens is here to provide cabinet and cabinet installations for homeowners, DIY'ers, builders, and remodelers.

Our kitchens are thoughtfully designed to embrace your home’s unique architecture, express your personality and enhance your lifestyle. At Urban Kitchens we believe that context is the beginning of all design. 

Each house, neighborhood and city is unique with distinctive architecture and culture. Our clients want kitchens to stand the test of time and we believe designing a kitchen that complements the existing architecture is the answer. 

That said, it does not prevent us from incorporating the personality of the client and the clients lifestyle within those boundaries.

How We Work

When you first meet with Jo, our head designer, we will work with you to create a rough estimate for the design of your dreams - free of charge!

Urban Kitchens is proud to offer the largest selection of contemporary cabinets in the state of Oklahoma. We strive to offer a variety of price points, ranging from a selection of luxury options, to utility outdoor or closet options.

Once plans have been set in motion, Urban Kitchen delivers directly to your job site, on time and hassle free.

Get in touch with us today to set up your FREE CONSULTATION!

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Great designs come from great collaborations. See our selection below.
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